Lignohumate MAX

lignohumat max

Lignohumate MAX is an environmentally clean, highly concentrated liquid, based on humic substances with a high content of fulvic acids and humic acid salts. Its unique formula is guaranteed by a standardised manufacturing technological procedure. At the same time, Lignohumate MAX is enriched with trace quantities of basic micro-elements in the form of chelates.Lignohumate MAX has a positive effect on plants (resulting in an increased activity of photosystem formation of chlorophyll and increases the utilization of nutrients from the soil, resulting in better income supplemental nutrition leaves, supports the development of the root system, the plant is more resistant to stress, improves plant health and increases resistance to disease, helping to increase crop yields and quality).
Lignohumate MAX is mainly applied to foliage.
It is further recommended as seed dressing respectively, dipping seed (for potatoes and other crops), root soaking, soaking and watering seedlings (for vineyards, fruit trees, etc.).

Lignohumate is recommended by applied jointly with fertilisers, foliar fertilisers or chemical plant protection products (excluding herbicides which recommends a separate application Lignohumate MAX 3 days after herbicide application)


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