Lignohumate AM


Lignohumate AM is an environmentally clean, powdered product, based on natural humic substance with a guaranteed amount of fulvic acids – min. 50% of salts of humic acids – 50%. The product is further enriched with microelements in chelated form. Lignohumate AM is completely soluble even in cold water; it is recomended to be blended into the water gradually.

Lignohumate AM has a positive effect on plants (resulting in an increased activity of photosystem formation of chlorophyll and increases the utilization of nutrients from the soil, resulting in better income supplemental nutrition leaves, supports the development of the root system, the plant is more resistant to stress, improves plant health and increases resistance to disease, helping to increase crop yields and quality).

Its application includes seed maceration prior to seeding, bulb and root soaking, leaf applicaton throughout the vegetation period. The positive effects of preventive applications may be seen in particular during periods when plants have to overcome various stressing conditions and regenerate faster.

Lignohumate is versatile and suitable not only for standalone applications, but also applications together with fertilisers and additional nutrition, with fungicides and growth control agents

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