Uniqueness of Lignohumate

Uniqueness of Lignohumate
unique technology in production of Lignohumate has several indisputable

-technology is free of wastes, very ecological – raw material is fully convertible

-purity of all inputs is controlled and therefore the final product does not contain harmful heavy metals

– the standard input raw material is subjected to a standard technological process and therefore the

final product has a standard quality that has nothing in common with the chemical composition of the

currently mined coal seam – our products are exactly chemically identifiable and therefore ideal for farming

-Lignohumate is the first product containing a wide range of humic substances high and low-molecular
elements totalling 90%

-high content of the low-molecular part – at least 50 % – brings these products close to the humic spectre of natural black soil

-the high-molecular part is sulfonated and therefore fully soluble, there is no ballast material, therefore

the products are ideal for leaf application using any nozzles without any risk of blocking

-all components of our humic products are in form of active salts of humic and fulvic acids
can be applied in small doses- 100grames of the powder Lignohumate or 0.4 liter of liquid concentrate for 1 hectare.
– products have a prolonged shelf life and they do not precipitate even after 5 years of storage, they do not sediment and if they get frozen, they may be easily melted without any adverse impact upon their functionality, therefore, they are suitable for largescale distribution

The table bellow briefly shows differences between traditional humates produced from coal using traditional technologies and Lignohumate manufactured using the latest technology of oxidised hydrolysis of organic mass.

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