Third Generation – Lignohumate

As a third generations of humate we must consider such humic substances which contain high-molecular and also low-molecular parts and are fully soluble. To this category can be classed on world markets only one product and this is Lignohumate. Production technology works completely differently compared to all known technologies to date. As the raw material for the production of Lignohumate is waste wood (more specifically waste generated by paper mills – lignosulfonate, this is therefore also very ecological). This technology simulates in industrial conditions a process lasting millions of years in natural environment. Due to the fact that in a confined space the fulvic acids have no possibility of being flushed out, a unique product is produced called Lignohumate, containing about 90% of salts of humic acids, from which at least 50% are low molecular parts.
Therefore, because this technology is not based on the localisation of coal seams and follow-up extraction and purification, NPO RET is the first actual manufacturer of humic substances world-wide.

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