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Lignohumate - Organic plant growth stimulant and anti-stress agent
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  • Organic humic and fulvic substance
  • Contains high and low-molecular elements of 90% in total
  • High content of the low-molecular part, at least 50 % - brings these products close to the humic spectrum of natural black soil
  • 100% solubility, ballast free
  • Low application doses
  • Higher yield and improvement of the crop quality
  • Versatile application for all crops, fruits, vegetables, plants and grasses
  • Suitable in every vegetation phase of the plant development
  • Improves the efficiency of photosynthesis, vitality and health condition of plants
  • Promotes development of more robust root system
  • Ideal in joint application with fertilisers and additional nutrition
  • Improves availability and use of leaf and root nutrition (allows reduction of fertilisers dosage by 10-20% while maintaining the same effect – thereby saving cost)
  • Prevents leakage of nutrients into ground water
  • Efficient in combination with fungicides and growth control agents
  • Supports resistance to stressing factors
  • Accelerate the regeneration of damaged plants

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